The Key Club Recording Company opened in 2002 and is the personal studio built, designed & operated by producer/engineer team William Skibbe and Jessica Ruffins. The studio is located 1 1/2 hours outside Chicago, on the southwestern shores of Michigan. The hundred-year-old former locksmith's building that houses the studio also houses an electronics company, Skibbe Electronics, whose products are built and tested on site.

The studio itself is large and comfortable, comprised of four acoustically isolated playing rooms, two live and two dead. The Key Club offers 2", 24 track and 16 track recording as well as protools HD, all wired into a rare Flickinger console originally custom built for Sly Stone.

Rates include on site sleeping accommodations with 4 separate dorm rooms that easily sleeps up to 10, making any length session comfortable. The spacious studio lounge includes entertainment and a fully equipped kitchen. For an extensive selection of outboard gear and a list of available musical equipment, see Equipment. 

Please email or with any questions or for further information & booking schedules.